Going Against the Grain

Intentionally starving my children from technology. If I had a daughter, I'd make her wear actual clothing from the pioneer days of Laura Ingalls Wilder. Luckily for my children, they are both boys.

Keeping Them Busy

I admit, I already cheated.

Yesterday morning after a night of LOTS of tossing and turning(from a teething baby), the littlest woke up about 4am and didn’t go back to sleep until until about 7am….which happened to be the exact same time my biggest woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed.

I couldn’t gather the energy to get up. So I pulled up YouTube on my laptop and got in about 30 minutes of in and out sleep with the biggest sitting next to me glued to the screen.

When I turned it off, I remembered why I told myself I wanted to totally starve him of technology.  Grumpy, lots of “No’s”, and just whiney, feet dragging behavior.  I’m sure a certain amount of it is considered normal for a 2 year old but when he goes days without the TV and the moody, cranky behavior listed above and then when he DOES watch TV for 30 minutes, I can safely assume that there is a relationship there between the two.

So I’m not just going to shrug it away and say “That’s normal for a 2 year old”.  Sure, it’s normal for him if I let it be normal. But why would I want that to be normal!? If we can do better, than I think we should strive to.

So I sucked it up, made some coffee and proceeded to drudge through the morning half asleep and crusty eyed until the caffeine kicked in.

Eventually after a couple rounds of playing catch and throw with Grandpa, he gradually rejoined the conscious world and proceeded to pull out his toys and entertain himself to the beat of his own drum again.

So now that I got that off my chest, let’s try this again.

No screens take 2.

Now just to put this out there, I don’t plan on depriving him of TV forever. just for awhile. Until he is confident in his own ability to entertain himself.  I don’t want either one of my children (or me for that matter) to rely on television or YouTube to entertain them or give them happiness.  I’d like them to both learn how to obtain those things on their own instead of having it work the other way around.

Here are some things we do to distract ourself from to all to easy distraction of screen time.


Thank you Pinterest! This occupied him for a whole 7 minutes.
This one right here is a dream. It also motivates me to clean out my sink. Give him some cups and he will quietly waste water for a good 30 minutes.
Put him to work washing the John Deere.
He is a bird lover too, he especially enjoys terrorizing the chickens (out of pure, aggressive love).
I like to bake, so whenever I have the energy to, I usually (lovingly) force the biggest to watch.
Not an iPad, but it’ll do. It’s an extra element of excitement when a goldfinch lands on the feeder outside the window.

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