Going Against the Grain

Intentionally starving my children from technology. If I had a daughter, I'd make her wear actual clothing from the pioneer days of Laura Ingalls Wilder. Luckily for my children, they are both boys.

Let’s Talk About It

Throughout life, people seem to come and go. Over the last year, people seem to have mostly gone.

I have changed a lot about my standards and I am strict on what my boys are exposed to. I have been called judgemental, brainwashed, “off the deep end”, mean, those are the nice words. In reality, here’s the standards I have changed and held myself to:

  • No drugs or excessive alcohol around my children.
  • I’m strict about limiting exposure to electronics and television.
  • I resigned from my job to focus my life on raising my children during these precious and vulnerable younger years.

Man do people hate these things. I actually enforce these things and it has really exposed the horns in people.

I’m not sure if it’s the hens we got or the hens combined with everything above that has people saying, “WHAT HAS GOTTEN INTO BECCA?”. Our hens are lovely by the way. We have 11 layers and we are pretty excited for some farm fresh eggs. I know, I’m a wacko.

Family and friends take these changes I’ve made as personal blows to their own lifestyles. If not that, then they just hear the biased version of the “New Rebecca” from my ex that is no doubt absolutely skewed to fit the narrative most desirable for him and that family. Once they hear that version, they never confirm facts or ask me what is going through my head.

Ironically, the more people that I notice walking out of my life, the stronger I can feel myself becoming. The thing that I used to rely on for reassurance and strength, was people. Friends. Social Life. I don’t look to people and conformity for my strength anymore. Also, the more people I seem to “lose”, the more I realize, these people never provided me any real form of strength or love at all.

I stepped out of their line, I stopped fitting into their box. I am cramping their style.

I will never apologize for putting my children before my career.
I will never apologize for holding addicts accountable for their choices and protecting my children from them.
I will never apologize for trying to break a very unhealthy pattern of normalizing alcohol abuse among other behaviors in my family.

Pictures can be painted all they want; however, facts will never change.

I am choosing to live my life based on the facts now. Not based on image, not based how many friends I have, not based on how much money I make, not based on where I live.

People don’t like that.


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  1. Well said Becca children will always come first no matter what people might say or do yiu made the right decision your boys are your inspiration, devotion and strength. So what if people don’t like your choices as long as your happy and firm worth the decision that is all that matters everything else will fall into place at the right time. Like I always tell people during my ruffle patch and still now I’m not a 100 dollar bill not everyone is going to like me.

  2. Love this! Your are an amazing, strong, beautiful momma! I know the boys will thank you one day for all sacrifices that are made right now to give them the life you desire for them! Keep it up!

  3. Nobody takes your changes as personal blows to their own lifestyle. What are taken as blows are when you stick your nose where it doesn’t belong and try to ruin others’ lives by pushing your newfound, holier than thou position on life on them. You’re a snake. Just like your mom. Judgement is reserved for one and one only. News flash, that isn’t you. Hide behind this mask as much as you want but the people that actually KNOW you, aren’t fooled. Neither is the Lord. Nowhere in the Bible or in His words does he condone being spiteful, condescending, manipulative, or judgmental just like you have always been. You are a sinner. Judging other sinners for sinning differently. You have not taken the high road in any aspect because as much righteousness as you preach there is the other face of you that is attempting to discreetly destroy the lives of others. You are no better than the people you speak out against in your STUPID blogs. Hide from the world your evil nature and only show what you think is acceptable to be seen but the Lord sees all and knows all. You so desperately hate your mom but you are the same person. Burn in hell you disgusting, deceitful, two faced Cunt. A disease is a disease, infidelity is a choice. One you know all too much about to go parading around like you’re some righteous, sinless, straight forward angel of God you filthy whore.

    1. Call me on on my cell phone Corey, you have my number. Let’s have a real conversation. Don’t hide behind your keyboard and slander my name. Say these things to my face instead of being a lying coward. This comment proves everything I’ve been blogging on. Side note, thanks for the comment and site traffic!

      1. “Hide behind a keyboard and say these things to my face” spoken like a true hypocrite. Don’t think I don’t know about all the slander you spoke behind your keyboard about me. You believe the lies of people you told me were complete liars and went behind my back and tried to use those lies to get people in my life to leave me or have my kids taken away. Newsflash you deceitful two faced little cunt, my piss and hair is clean! Has been for 2 years. Not that you deserve to know anything about my life anymore. Tell me now why the fuck I should call you on the phone or talk to you face to face when you’re the one who started this shit by talking behind my back and behind a keyboard. Never once did you do what you’re telling me to do and talk to ME. I would like everyone who doesn’t know yet how you try to secretly destroy the lives of others all while promoting this holier than thou persona but we all see through your complete bullshit. Go fall off a high cliff, you’re dead to me. I hate you. Now stay the fuck out of my life and stop trying to ruin everyone’s lives. Actually focus on yourself and your kids like you pretend to do. But as far as you and I are concerned, if I never hear from you again, it will be too soon.

        What you did was wrong, Becca. Don’t try to act like it wasn’t. Goodbye, good riddance.

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